Best Rectangular Watches: 5 Pieces That Can Make A Statement

You’re searching for a watch that isn’t your typical round design, then. We comprehend it! 

Square and rectangular timepieces have a unique appeal that can easily make you stand out. Without any preamble, we’re going to go right into the realm of rectangle watches in this blog and show you the best rectangular watches.

Why do the majority of watches use safe circular faces?

The main reason for this is that watch parts, such as gears, springs, and sweeping hands, all prefer a circular existence. A square watch face is a rebel in the watch industry, which makes it intriguing.

Interestingly, despite breaking the trend, square watches have been around for a very long time. 

They have therefore discovered a way to blend in while still sticking out. A square or rectangular watch is a wise fashion choice if you want to try something new without going overboard with something odd or hazardous.

We’re going to show you the best rectangular watches in this straightforward blog and get you to reconsider your round-watch lifestyle. 

Let’s get right to it and look at the best rectangular watches that will help you stay on task.

The Best Rectangular Watches: A Detailed Guide

I. Tissot Classic TXL Chronograph

Want to improve your wrist game without breaking the bank?

Look no further than the Tissot Classic TXL Chronograph, a stylish, one of the best rectangular watches under $500.

It’s a 38mm x 33mm elegant stainless steel casing that is the perfect size to stand out without being overly flashy. You won’t have to worry about it becoming damaged because it is also designed to be tough.

Let’s now discuss that black dial. It serves as a kind of black backdrop for the dazzling, silver-toned hands and indexes that glow at night. As a result, you can tell the time even in low light.

This watch’s internal mechanism is a precision quartz movement. Translation? It is quite precise. Even a fancy chronograph, which is just a fancy way of saying stopwatch and a useful date window are included.

And here’s the killer: thanks to its 100 meters of water resistance, it can handle a swim in the pool. Therefore, it has your back, whether you’re getting dressed up for a great night out or simply lounging by the lake.

Therefore, if you want to upgrade your look without breaking the bank, this Tissot beauty is the way to go. For your wrist, it’s the ideal fusion of class and affordability.

Here are the key features of one of the best rectangular watches, the Tissot Classic TXL Chronograph:

  • Case Dimensions: 38mm x 33mm diameter, 12mm thickness – A sleek and compact design that’s both stylish and comfortable on the wrist.
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel, – provides durability and a polished appearance.
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters; – Suitable for various water-related activities, including swimming and snorkeling.
  • Movement: Quartz – Ensures accurate and reliable timekeeping.
  • Crystal: Sapphire, – A scratch-resistant and durable crystal that keeps your watch looking pristine.
  • Chronograph Functions: Includes additional timing features for precise measurement of elapsed time.
  • Date Aperture: It conveniently displays the current date on the watch dial.
  • Luminous Hands and Indexes: Enhances readability, even in low-light conditions.

II. Oris Rectangular

This one does oh-so-well at fusing traditional charm with a dash of originality.

First things first: it’s not all about the appearance. There are four amazing colors available for this watch, so you can pick the one that best suits your style.

 We’re talking Bordeaux and blue, which are expressive but not overly garish, or white and anthracite, which are neutral and adaptable. It is comparable to having options without the hassle of having too many options.

Its current dimensions are a comfortable 38 x 25.5 mm and a thin 10.3 mm thickness.

It’s not simply fashionable; it’s long-lasting because it’s made of stainless steel. Furthermore, it has a 30-meter water resistance, so there are no concerns if you are caught in a downpour.

But the Oris Rectangular isn’t only about the mechanics; with its Art Deco style and sword hands, it screams classic.

The stepped flanks give the entire piece a sense of refinement in addition to the dial’s sharpness and prominence.

The Oris Rectangular is the watch for you if you’re looking for the ideal combination of classic elegance with a dash of flair. It is a head-turner that is at ease with itself and prepared to up your wrist game.

Here are the key features of another one of the best rectangular watches:

  • Dimensions: 38mm x 25.5mm case size with a slim 10.3mm thickness.
  • Case Material: Crafted from durable stainless steel for a timeless and sturdy design.
  • Water Resistance: With a water resistance rating of 30 meters, it’s suitable for everyday wear and can handle splashes and rain.
  • Expressive Colorways: Available in four distinct color options, including white, anthracite, blue, and Bordeaux, catering to various style preferences.
  • Swiss Automatic Caliber: The watch is powered by a Swiss automatic movement, ensuring precise timekeeping.
  • Exhibition Case Back: The transparent case back allows you to admire the intricate Swiss automatic caliber in action, adding an element of fascination.

III. Hamilton American Classic Boulton

As you already know, Hollywood likes to include watches in its movies. Famous watchmaker Hamilton has contributed to some legendary films, including Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” and the entertaining “Men in Black.”

Hamilton, however, is now traveling with Indiana Jones on one of his illustrious journeys in “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.” That’s pretty awesome, no?

They chose a watch for Indy that has that classic 1940s design and old-school charm. The funny thing is that the movie takes place in 1969, yet this watch wasn’t revived until the 1980s. 

Therefore, it’s a little bit of a time machine mystery unless Dr. Jones engaged in any time travel (we assume not with the DeLorean).

There you have the features of one of the best rectangular watches:

  • Case Shape: Rectangular – The watch features a distinctive rectangular case design.
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel, – provides durability and a classic look.
  • Dial Design: Vintage-Inspired – The watch has a design that pays homage to classic timepieces from the past.
  • Crystal: Sapphire – Offers superior scratch resistance for clear visibility.
  • Movement: Quartz – Ensures accurate and reliable timekeeping.
  • Time Display: Hours and Minutes – Provides essential timekeeping functions

IV. Bulova Frank Sinatra My Way Watch

Okay, folks, let’s dive into the watch world with a lot of Sinatra schwag. We’re talking about Bulova Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” watch, and believe us when we say that it oozes cool.

Imagine that the dial has an aged appearance that almost resembles a wooden feel. Indexes and hands, please. They add some elegance because they are dazzling gold. 

Is the stainless steel casing, too? Perfectly polished, it exhibits that high-life aesthetic.

A plush black leather strap completes the design by binding it all together. It’s like paying homage to Sinatra’s enduring charm.

So, if you’re all about that classic black and gold combo and want to channel your inner Sinatra, this watch might just be your way to do it. 

Stay with us as we take you through this elegant piece that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on your wrist.

The features of one of the best rectangular watches:

  • Dial Design: Vintage-Inspired – The dial has a textured, almost wooden-like surface, reminiscent of classic timepieces.
  • Indices and Hands: Polished Gold – The watch features polished gold indices and hands that enhance its elegance.
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel – Provides durability and a high-polish finish for added sophistication.
  • Strap: Black Leather – The soft black leather strap complements the watch’s overall style.

V. Longines Dolce Vita

Let’s travel back in time with Longines and their elegant Dolce Vita line. Do you know Longines? 

The ones with the elegant hourglass with wings on them The elegance of the Art Deco era served as inspiration for this unique design.

Consider this watch as your time machine back to the Roaring 20s, when everything was about sophisticated design and sleek lines.

We’re talking about a rectangular stainless steel casing that is not only attractive but also quite comfortable on your wrist. And what’s this? With a water resistance of up to 30 meters, it can withstand a small splash.

Let’s now examine the specifics of that dial. With painted Roman numerals and those cool-blued steel hands, it has a silver flinque pattern. There is also a small second window at six o’clock for that flawless balance.

The watch’s case back is made of sturdy steel, protecting the movement inside. But the elegance is not yet finished. The Dolce Vita features a chic blue leather strap that unifies the entire ensemble.

These are the features of one of the best rectangular watches:

  • Case Shape: Rectangular – The watch features an elegant and distinctive rectangular case design.
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel – provides durability and a polished look.
  • Case Dimensions: 23.30 x 37mm – A compact yet stylish size that’s comfortable on the wrist.
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters; – Suitable for everyday wear and minor water exposure.
  • Dial Design: Silver Flinque – The dial has a textured pattern, painted Roman numerals, and blued steel hands for a classic appearance.
  • Small Seconds Subdial: A square small seconds window at the six o’clock position adds balance to the watch’s overall design.
  • Caseback: Solid steel – Protects the watch’s internal mechanisms.
  • Strap: blue leather – Enhances the watch’s elegance and comfort.

The Longines Dolce Vita line is calling your name if you have a thing for the good ol’ days and the everlasting appeal of Art Deco.


So these were the best rectangular watches for men. 

From timeless classics to modern interpretations, these watches offer a unique and stylish alternative to traditional round timepieces. Whether you appreciate the vintage charm of Art Deco or prefer a contemporary edge, rectangular watches are here to stay, proving that style knows no bounds in the world of horology.

So, if you’re in the mood to stand out and make a statement, don’t hesitate to explore the world of the best rectangular watches—it’s a journey worth taking.

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