Best Wooden Watches: 5 Nature Crafted Pieces

best wooden watches

We’re about to take you on a voyage into the intriguing and the best wooden watches, where style receives a green twist and wrists become canvases for craftsmanship. Hello, watch enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Imagine having a wooden watch, not just any watch, a wooden watch, on your wrist. These unique wrist companions stand out from the crowd because they successfully combine style, environmental awareness, and expert craftsmanship.

Let’s get into the best wooden watches for men today, and have a look at their features.

Best Wooden Watches: A Perfect Guide

I. Bymax Handmade Vintage Analog Quartz Wooden Watch

bymax wooden watch

We’ve got the Bymax Ebony Wooden Watch to talk about, which is pretty cool. It’s like your reliable friend in watch form—who always has your back.

It’s all about keeping things simple and elegant with this watch. It has a powerful, macho vibe because it is ebony wood. It fits perfectly because of the simple, adaptable design, whether you’re dressed for a formal event or just hanging out with friends.

The spotless watch face and the black leather band are a perfect fit. It’s the ideal black T-shirt that goes with everything. In addition, you’ll never be late for the good things because of the Miyota quartz movement inside.

The fun aspect is that you can have anything special etched on it. Consider transforming an excellent watch into a unique keepsake. 

The Bymax Ebony Wooden Watch is perfect as a gift or a treat for yourself because it keeps things straightforward, fashionable, and distinctive. Let’s explore why this wooden watch is a classic option for the contemporary man.

These are the features of this one:

  • Black Leather Band
  • Reliable Miyota Quartz Movement
  • Custom Engraving Option
  • Versatile Style
  • Durable Build
  • Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Battery-Powered
  • Water-Resistant
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Stainless Steel Clasp

II. Svenn Wood Watch

svenn wooden watch

Let’s talk about timepieces that not only look good but also do some good for our planet. Svenn Wood Watches, started in 2017 by four friends who really care about quality and the environment, have come up with something special.

For the best wooden watches for men, they’ve got two series: Atlas and Romeo. The Atlas series is bold and bigger, with a 45mm dial. You can choose from four cool colors, including jet black and zebrawood. If you’re into something a tad smaller, the Romeo series has a 41mm dial and comes with sleek metallic faces in blue, gold, or black.

Now, here’s what makes these watches even cooler – they’re super light, and for every watch they sell, they plant a tree. Yep, you heard that right, you’re helping out Mother Earth one stylish watch at a time.

Looking for a gift? These wooden watches are not just good-looking; they’re personalizable too. You can engrave the back with your own handwriting. Just write a heartfelt note, snap a pic, and send it with your order.

And the cherry on top? These beauties come in a handmade wooden box. It’s like a gift within a gift!

The features of one of the best wooden watches for men:

  • Diverse color options to match your style.
  • Lightweight construction for comfortable wear.
  • Eco-friendly commitment with a tree planted for every watch sold.
  • Personalization option with engraving for a sentimental touch.
  • Handmade wooden box for impressive packaging and gifting.

III. BOBO BIRD Men’s Wooden Watch

bobobird wooden watches

Look at the BOBO BIRD Eco-Wooden Watch – the cool, earth-friendly wrist buddy for modern guys like you!

Here’s the deal: This watch is all about being eco-wise. It’s made from wood that’s been rescued and recycled, so you’re doing your part for our planet just by wearing it.

Now, looks-wise, it’s a stunner. Think deep black and rich chocolate brown – a combo that goes with pretty much anything you wear.

But it’s not just eye candy. This watch is smart too. It tells the time, does military time, shows the date, and has a fancy thing called a chronograph. Translation: it’s got your schedule covered, and it’s great for those nerdy watch enthusiasts.

Inside, there’s a trusty Sony battery making sure it runs smoothly, and the quartz movement keeps time super accurate.

Worried about the fit? No sweat. The wristband can be adjusted, and they give you a tool and extra links to make it fit you just right.

These are the features of one of the best skeleton watches:

  • Made from sustainably sourced, reclaimed, and recycled wood.
  • Stylish design with ebony wood in deep black and textured chocolate brown.
  • Multi-function face with military time, date display, and a chronograph.
  • Powered by a reliable Sony battery.
  • Quartz movement for precise timekeeping.
  • Adjustable wristband with included tool and extra links.

So, if you want a stylish watch that’s also good for Mother Earth, the BOBO BIRD Eco-Wooden Watch is the way to go. It’s like a tiny eco-hero right on your wrist!

IV. Truwood Leather Leaf Green Wooden Watch

truwood watch

Introducing the TruWood Leather Leaf Green Watch, a stylish wooden watch that is well known for being hip.

To begin with, the watch is primarily made of black sandalwood. The watch won’t shatter easily because this wood is strong and black. It has a lengthy lifespan.

The watch face is now a leaf-like shade of green. With only three hands to tell time and the name of the brand, it is straightforward. Nothing complicated to confuse you.

By including your own statement on the back, you can personalize it. like your name or a beautiful phrase.

Black leather makes up the strap that keeps the watch on your wrist. It is cozy and may be customized to fit you properly.

These are the features of one of the best skeleton watches for men:

  • Pure black sandalwood construction.
  • Green slate-colored face.
  • Minimalist design with three hands.
  • Customizable engraving on the back.
  • Adjustable black leather strap.

So, in a nutshell, the TruWood Leather Leaf Green Watch is a tough, simple, and comfy watch. It’s kind of like having a piece of nature on your wrist.

V. Treehut Men’s Zebrawood and Ebony Wooden Watch

treehut wooden watch

The Treehut Zebrawood and Ebony Wooden Watch is definitely not your typical timepiece. This watch focuses on style without going over budget.

Imagine a stylish leather band in your choice of black or brown that won’t let you down, secured by a straightforward stainless steel buckle. In fact, you can choose between a silver or gold tone dial; you decide.

It is also sturdy. It is carefully polished to last from zebrawood and ebony. A useful date window is located at 3 o’clock, and the watch has a classy black dial with silver hands and hour markers. Also, the stainless steel back casing protects it from daily knocks and scrapes.

This watch isn’t picky; it’s up for anything – work, school, or just hanging out. It’s so slick that your friends and family will be itching to get one too.

There you have the features of this wooden watch:

  • The leather band, available in black or brown, adds a touch of classic style.
  • Secured with a sturdy stainless steel buckle, this watch ensures a secure and comfortable fit.
  • You have the option to choose between a silver or gold tone dial, allowing you to match your personal style.
  • The watch features a convenient date window located at 3 o’clock on the dial.
  • Its stainless steel case and back case provide durability and protection.
  • Hand-polished for a sleek finish, this timepiece exudes elegance.
  • While specific water resistance details are not provided, it’s generally not suitable for swimming or showering.

So, if you’re tired of the same-old watches and want something that screams “you,” check out the Treehut Zebrawood and Ebony Wooden Watch. It’s not just telling time; it’s telling the world you’ve got style. 


So, these were the best wooden watches for men you explored today. Whether you’re a seasoned fashionista or just someone who appreciates the beauty of simplicity, these wooden watches have something for everyone. 

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