The 5 Best Skeleton Watches of 2023

In the world of watches, it’s all about your style and what makes you tick (pun intended). So let me introduce you to the best skeleton watches, these are another type of magnificent watches that must be added to your collection. 

What Are Skeleton Watches?

Skeleton watches are basically the “see-through” of the watch world.

Imagine your watch without the usual face—it’s gone!

Instead, you get to peek inside and see all the tiny gears, springs, and bits that make it tick. It’s like having a clear glass hood on your car, but for your wrist. 

Making these timepieces for engineers is similar to crafting jewelry. Craftsmen take great care to ensure that everything functions well and looks excellent. To make it trendy, they even add elaborate designs and embellishments.

They are popular among watch lovers. On your wrist, it’s like seeing a fun little machine show.

The best part is that skeleton watches for men are available in a wide range of designs, from vintage to ultra-modern. 

A skeleton watch is a smart choice whether you’re getting dressed up for a big dinner or just want to look put together every day. It combines art, expertise, and mechanical magic in a way that is quite cool.

Best Skeleton Watches: A Complete Manual

I. Corum Golden Bridge

The Corum Golden Bridge Classic Skeleton watch is pretty special. Imagine your watch without the usual cover. Instead, you can see all the inside parts, stacked up like a sandwich. In the middle, there’s this fancy bridge and the hands that tell time.

The watch itself is fancy too. It’s got a small 21.30mm rose gold case with lots of diamonds on it. And it’s got a tough glass that keeps everything safe but clear enough for you to see all those inside bits.

Inside, it’s got a super-precise engine that keeps time really well. It ticks 28,800 times per hour and can keep going for 40 hours straight.

The strap is comfy brown leather, and they added a cool buckle with the Corum logo to making it one of the best skeleton watches.

These are the features of these incredible timepieces:

  • Innovative ‘Baguette’ Style Movement
  • Diamond-Studded Rose Gold Tonneau Case (21.30mm)
  • Protective Sapphire Crystal
  • Transparent Skeleton Dial
  • CO113 Manual-Winding Caliber
  • 28,800 Vibrations Per Hour
  • 40-Hour Power Reserve
  • Supple Brown Alligator Leather Strap
  • Butterfly Folding Buckle with Corum Logo

In simple words, the Corum Golden Bridge Classic Skeleton watch is like a see-through masterpiece. It’s not just a watch; it’s a fancy piece of art that also tells time. People have been loving it for a long time, and it’s not hard to see why.

II. Accutron Spaceview 2020

Introducing the Accutron Spaceview 2020, a timepiece that is making waves in the watch industry and generating conversation. Even if it’s a little contentious, one of its fascinating aspects is that.

This watch stands out among skeleton watches for men because of its glimpse into watchmaking’s future. Not your standard mechanical watch, this one. Instead, it’s a high-tech marvel with a contemporary electrostatic movement that’s here to inspire us.

A clear sapphire crystal is on the front, and two electrostatic turbines can be seen operating behind it. They rotate somewhat like a mechanical rotor, except instead of winding a spring, they produce power. Around 10 o’clock, that power is transferred to an accumulator, where it is stored for later use by the watch.

Let’s discuss size now. This watch is not a tiny one. Its steel casing is 43.5mm in width and 15.9mm in thickness. 

It’s a little clunky, but that’s only because great stuff is packed within. And what about the large, curving glass on top? Not only does it look great, but it also keeps the dial appearing spacious and allows the watch ample area to function.

These are the features summed up for this one: 

  • Electrostatic movement technology
  • There are two electrostatic turbines on the dial for power generation.
  • Front sapphire crystal for transparency.
  • Durable steel case.
  • 43.5mm diameter and 15.9mm thickness.

The Accutron Spaceview 2020 is one to watch if you appreciate timepieces that are a little unique and show you what the future may hold. It is audacious, distinctive, and altering our perception of telling time in a really great way.

III. Hamilton Jazzmaster Skeleton Watch

Let’s talk about the Hamilton Jazzmaster Skeleton watch. It’s a real head-turner, blending classic charm with a fascinating inside story.

Imagine a peek-a-boo game with your watch. This one’s a champ at that, with two big windows on the dial. You get to see the gears and gizmos doing their thing, but the center keeps it classy.

It’s just the right size—not too big or chunky.

Perfect for your daily grind or when you want to dress up.

And here’s the cool part: it can keep ticking for ages, even if you leave it alone over the weekend, thanks to its special ETA C07.111 automatic engine.

It’s tough, it can handle a splash of water, and it’s a real style statement. 

These are the features of this one:

  • Skeleton Dial with Two large cutout areas on the dial reveals the inner workings.
  • Balanced with traditional and modern aesthetics.
  • Versatile 40mm case diameter
  • Comfortable 10.8mm thickness.
  • Automatic Movement, which is powered by the ETA C07.111 movement
  • Capable of handling light splashes.

This watch is a winner for watch lovers and your everyday style. So, if you want a watch that’s both elegant and clever, this one’s a top choice.

IV. Boluva Maquina Skeleton

Check out the Bulova Maquina Skeleton watch; it’s the less expensive choice that still looks great.

Its stylish dial is designed like a skull. It functions as a little window that gives you a glimpse into the watch’s mechanism. Certainly not your normal watch face.

Thanks to its PVD steel casing, this watch has a contemporary, sporty appearance. A peculiar twist is that the crown is located at two o’clock rather than the customary time. However, it’s not just for show; it can withstand being submerged for up to 100 meters, which is fairly useful.

No worries if the skull thing isn’t your thing. A more traditional skeleton dial is also available with many different designs. The best thing, though?

With its black hands and markings, the skull dial is simple to read thanks to the automatic Miyota 8N26 movement inside.

These are the features of one of the best skeleton watches:

  • Unique Skull-Shaped Dial Cutout
  • Modern PVD Steel Case
  • Unconventional Crown Placement at Two O’Clock
  • Impressive 100-Meter Water Resistance
  • Classic Skeleton Dial Option
  • Excellent Contrast and Readability with Black Hands
  • Powered by an Automatic Miyota 8N26 Movement
  • Affordably Priced

Hence, the Bulova Maquina Skeleton is all about being stylish, reasonably priced, and a little unique. It resembles wearing a piece of art that also serves as a timepiece.

V. Oris ProPilot X

Introducing the incredibly awesome skeleton watch known as the Oris ProPilot X. It has a sizable titanium case with a matte finish that gives it a contemporary, rugged appearance.

Nevertheless, what sets it apart is its extraordinarily large 10-day power reserve. This is made possible by a large mainspring that is visible in the top portion of the watch’s mechanism, known as Caliber 115. It’s like your watch has a marathon runner within.

Dark greys and matte silvers dominate the color scheme here, keeping everything subtle and elegant. Even the large hands that display the time are designed in this manner, but they are cleverly covered in glow-in-the-dark material so you can always see the time.

With these features, the Pro Pilot is one of the top choices among the best skeleton watches:

  • 44mm titanium case with a matte finish.
  • Automatic Caliber 115 movement with a 10-day power reserve.
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters.
  • Dark grey and matte silver color scheme.
  • Luminous hands for visibility

Oris has other skeleton watches, but the ProPilot X is the one you want. It’s got a 44mm case, an automatic Caliber 115 movement, and can handle being in water up to 100 meters deep. 


So these were the best skeleton watches. 

What counts is that you love wearing it and value the quality, whether you choose a skeleton watch or stay with the classics.

Every watch in your collection is a chapter in your life narrative, reflecting your individual style and passion for timepieces. It’s all about the wrist vibrations, so pick the one that appeals to you. 

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