Best Moon Phase Watches: 5 Wrist-Worthy Pieces 

You might be perplexed by the growing appeal of moon phase watches in the fast-paced digital era where smartphones offer immediate information. 

Why is there a renewed interest in the best moon phase watches?

These timepieces are compelling storytellers on your wrist, not merely historical charmers. Join us as we explore the best moon phase watches’ charm, simplicity, and timeless appeal in the modern world in this blog.

What is a moon phase Watch?

Moon phase watches are similar to wearing a miniature moon on your arm. They display the various moon phases on your watch over the course of about a month. It is similar to a wearable lunar calendar.

The brief breakdown is as follows: The moon appears differently in the sky, varying between a small curve and a complete circle. In order to display the current state of the moon, moon phase watches contain a distinctive glass on the watch face.

Because they display how the moon appears in the sky, these watches are very cool. The movement resembles a small moon gliding over the watch display.

Now, what makes them unique? 

Well, ordinary watches just use hands and numbers to tell the time, but moon phase watches work differently. They resemble miniature pieces of art that take us back to a time when people cherished moongazing.

A moon phase watch is like wearing a piece of the past on your wrist. It’s a great way to honor both the watchmakers who built these timepieces and our astronomy-loving forebears. It’s similar to combining science and art to create a fun story.

Let us have a look at how these best moon phase watches work.

How Does Moon Phase Watch Work?

Moonphase watches do more than just tell time; they also reveal the current phase of the moon. This unique feature is known as a “moon phase complication” in watch lingo, meaning it’s a cool addition that isn’t solely focused on telling time.

The moon goes through a 29.5-day cycle, and moon phase watches are designed to show you exactly where the moon is in that cycle.

It’s a practical way to describe the moon’s appearance as it orbits our planet. Most of these watches display the moon’s luminous portion, hiding the non-luminous parts in an aperture on the watch’s dial.

Two Primary Types

  • Moonphase watches come in two main categories. The “bosom” moon phase watch is the most popular. This one uses graphics to visually depict the moon’s changing phases inside a window with a crescent shape on the watch face. Imagine a little crescent that grows and shrinks in size with the moon.
  • The second kind is referred to as a “radial” moon phase watch. It employs an indicator hand rather than directly depicting the moon’s form. This hand revolves around the watch’s dial, giving a more subdued and indirect indication of the moon’s current phase.

Let’s dive deep into the best moon phase watches and explore what features we get from each one of them.

Best Moon Phase Watches: A Detailed Guide

I. Longines Flagship Heritage Moonphase

longines flagship moonphase watch

Introducing the Longines Flagship Heritage Moonphase Watch, a timepiece that skillfully combines traditional watchmaking with a dash of heavenly beauty. This classy watch from Longines, a brand known for its tradition and craftsmanship, is a real gem.

It is a timepiece that, despite having a 38.5mm diameter, manages to make a statement without overpowering your wrist. The ETA A31.L91 automatic movement inside is what really makes it stand out. 

Let the complex language not intimidate you; it is only Longines’ way of emphasizing that this watch ticks precisely.

Let’s discuss the moon phase complexity, which is the main attraction. being able to feel a little, shifting moon on your wrist. This celestial marvel was used by Longines to create a dress watch that exudes refinement.

The Flagship Heritage Moonphase watch does not, however, come in one size that fits all. No, there are three flavors to choose from, so you may find one that matches your preferences. 

Here are the features listed for this one: 

  • Classic Design: Timeless and elegant for any occasion.
  • Perfect Size: 38.5mm diameter; comfortable fit for all wrists.
  • Reliable Movement: Powered by ETA A31.L91 automatic movement.
  • Moonphase Magic: Shows the current moon phase for a celestial touch.
  • Variety: Available in three unique styles to match your taste.
  • Affordable Luxury: Offers sophistication without breaking the bank.
  • Versatile: Suitable for formal events or everyday wear.

This watch will fit your needs, whether you’re getting dressed up for a formal occasion or just want a little moon enchantment in your daily life.

II. Ochs Und Junior Moon Phase

ochs und junior

Meet Ochs Und Junior’s Moon Phase Watch: Simplicity with a Cosmic Twist

In a world where everything’s getting more complicated, Ochs und Junior is keeping it refreshingly simple with their Moon Phase watch. It’s like a breath of fresh air in the world of horology.

So, here’s the deal: This watch uses the trusty ETA 2824-2 automatic movement. Sounds standard, right?

Well, hold on to your seats because its moon phase function is anything but ordinary. It’s insanely accurate, and get this, it’ll only be off by one day in, wait for it, 3,478.27 years. Now, that’s some precision!

The design? It’s kind of industrial, almost elemental. But here’s the fun part – sometimes they jazz things up with vibrant colors that really pop. It’s a starter, leaving a little party on your wrist.

Here are the key features of the Ochs und Junior Moon Phase watch:

  • Highly Accurate Moon Phase: Deviates by just one day in 3,478.27 years.
  • ETA 2824-2 Automatic Movement: Reliable and widely used movement
  • Minimalistic Design: Industrial and elemental aesthetic
  • Vibrant Color Options: Occasional versions feature striking and lively colors.
  • Precision and Simplicity: A Testament to Ochs und Junior’s Commitment to Rigid Simplicity in Watchmaking

So, if you’re into watches that keep it simple yet seriously cosmic, Ochs und Junior’s Moon Phase might just be your perfect match. 

III. Cartier Drive Moon Phases

cartier drive moon phase

Cartier’s Drive collection is all about turning tradition on its head. Take the Drive Moon Phase, for instance. It’s not your typical watch.

This watch pairs a classic moon phase with a unique cushion-shaped case, making it stand out from the crowd. It’s powered by Cartier’s own automatic Caliber 1904-LU MC 1904, named after the year Cartier was born. 

This movement controls a special moon-phase display at 6 o’clock that tracks the lunar cycle with crazy precision. Cartier says it won’t need adjusting for 125 years!

The case comes in steel or gold, and it’s a comfy 40 mm x 41 mm size. It’s worn on an alligator leather strap and, of course, sports Cartier’s famous crown with a blue cabochon.

These are the features of Cartier:

  • Classic Moon Phase Display
  • Unique Cushion-Shaped Case
  • In-House Automatic Caliber 1904-LU MC 1904
  • Precise “Astronomic” Moon-Phase Display
  • No Adjustment is needed for 125 Years
  • 40 mm x 41 mm Case in Steel or Gold
  • Alligator Leather Strap
  • Iconic Cartier Crown with Blue Cabochon

So, Cartier’s Drive Moon Phase is a blend of classic and unexpected. It’s that touch of Cartier luxury with a twist.

IV. Omega Speedmaster professional moon phase


You’ve probably heard of the legendary Omega Speedmaster Professional, aka the “Moonwatch.” Well, in 2016, Omega decided to give it a lunar makeover by adding a moon-phase display. Cool, right?

So, at 6 o’clock, you’ve got a super realistic moon on the dial, squeezed between the two usual chronograph subdials that you find on a Speedmaster.

But here’s the kicker – this moon phase isn’t some generic design. Nope, it’s taken from an actual high-res photo of the moon’s surface. And if you look really closely, you can spot the tiny bootprint of astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Talk about attention to detail!

The watch is powered by Omega’s co-axial Master Chronometer Caliber 9904, which means it can handle some serious magnetic forces—15,000 gauss, to be exact. Plus, it’s wrapped up in a sturdy 44.25-mm stainless steel case.

But wait, there’s more. They’ve also given the dial a cool blue hue and added the date function to the 9 o’clock seconds subdial. But don’t worry, the Moonwatch’s legendary utility is still intact.

These are the features of Speedmaster listed for you:

  • Case Size: 44.25 mm
  • Movement: Co-axial Master Chronometer Caliber 9904
  • Magnetic Resistance: 15,000 gauss
  • Dial Color: Blue
  • Date Function: Integrated into the 9 o’clock seconds subdial

So, whether you’re a space geek or just a fan of stylish timepieces, this Moonwatch is a winner. NASA would definitely give it a thumbs-up!

V. Christopher Ward, C1 Moonphase

christopher ward, c1 moon phase

The Christopher Ward C1 Moonphase Watch is here, and it’s one of the best moon phase watches for men. 

The Christopher Ward C1 Moonphase is a treat if you like timepieces that look good without breaking the bank.

Now, the moon phase element is typically hidden under a little subdial on watches that have one. 

Not this one, though.

No, it occupies half the dial, and even that isn’t the greatest part. Due to its increased luminosity, this moon phase glows in the dark like a neon sign. Amazing, isn’t that?

However, there’s still more! Like a hidden window, the lower half of the dial provides access to the other side of the moon phase disk. It’s constructed of colored sapphire and is quite eye-catching. You can see the other side.

There you have all the features for this one:

  • Prominent Moon Phase Display: Occupies half the dial for a standout look.
  • Luminous Moon Phase: Glows brightly in the dark for added allure.
  • Tinted Sapphire Dial: Reveals the reverse side of the moon phase disk, creating a striking visual effect.
  • Affordable Luxury: Delivers exceptional craftsmanship without breaking the bank.
  • British Brand Excellence: Crafted by the renowned independent British brand, Christopher Ward.

So check out the Christopher Ward C1 Moonphase if you’re all about value and want a watch that sparks conversation. It’s a brilliant lunar spectacular; it’s not your typical watch.

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