best watch roll for travels

Best Watch Rolls For Travel: 5 Rolls For Elegant Timepieces

best watch rolls for travel

Are you setting out on a new adventure? The thrill of travel alongside the need to keep your timepieces safe and stylish awaits. 

Introducing the best watch rolls for travel- the ultimate solution for all the tangled mess. 

These elegant and secure watch cases for travel make sure that your adored watches are protected and, no matter where you go. 

Explore these best watch rolls for travel, and how they will make your experience truly timeless.

Best watch rolls for travel: A Detailed Guide

I. WATCHPOD Travel Cases

watchpod watch roll

Unlike regular travel cases, WATCHPOD cases look like flat donuts with a tough outside and a super soft inside.

The outside of these cases is really tough, made from strong stuff called 1680 denier nylon or fake leather. It stops your watch from getting squished.

Big, small, or in-between, these cases can hold all kinds of watches without them moving around.

Put your watch on its side, close the case with a zipper, and soft foam gives your watch a big cozy hug from top to bottom.


  • Super Tough: The tough outside makes sure your watches are safe, even if something bumps into the case.
  • All-Size Friend: It doesn’t matter if your watch is tiny or huge, this case will keep it snug and comfy.
  • Cool Design: The flat donut shape and soft padding are like a magic trick to keep your watches safe.
  • Sneaky Look: Thieves won’t even look twice at this case, it just looks like a big earbud case.


  • Not Smaller: It would be cool if they made a tiny version too, for those itsy-bitsy watches.

II. Wolf Watch Rolls

wolf watch roll

These watch holders have an old-school style that looks fancy but not too flashy. If you like things that feel classy, these are perfect among the best watch rolls for travel.

They’re made from really good leather that’s tough and will last a long time. Inside, they’re super soft to cuddle your watches and keep them cozy.

Also, the way these holders close is cool. They use simple snaps that are shiny and keep your watches safe and sound.

You can pick one that fits just one watch or up to three watches. So, you don’t have to leave your other watch buddies behind!


  • Looks Fancy: The Wolf Watch Rolls aren’t too fancy, just the right amount. They look great and match lots of styles, which is awesome.
  • Secret Spot: There’s a little hidden spot for your tiny jewelry. It’s like a surprise bonus and makes the holders even more useful.
  • Super Safe: Your watches will be happy in these holders. The soft inside and strong outside make sure they don’t get any scratches.


  • Simple Design: The holders are a bit simple. They’re like cylinders without any extra decorations. If you like fancy patterns, these might not be your first pick.
  • Latch Learning: Closing the holders might take a couple of tries to get right. If you don’t close them properly, your watches could move around and get scratched. So, practice before you go on your trip!

III. Convoy’s Tan Watch Roll

convoy's tan watch roll

This watch roll comes with lots of cool things that make it a great choice for people who love watches and travel. Let’s find out what makes it special among the best watch rolls for travel.

This watch roll is made from super nice Italian suede fabric. It looks fancy and it’s also waterproof, so your watches stay safe even if there’s water around.

You can put up to four watches in this roll. It’s like giving each watch its cozy bed so they don’t bump into each other and get scratched.

There’s a clever way to close it up. It has a cord and a toggle – that means your watches stay snug inside while you’re on the move. No falling out!

When you spread it out, the Convoy Tan Watch Roll is about as big as 12 inches by 10 inches. That’s a good size to keep your watches safe and comfy.


  • Looks Fancy: Using this watch roll makes you look classy and stylish. The Italian suede fabric makes it feel extra special.
  • Bonus Pocket: This watch roll comes with an extra pocket. You can put extra things in there like straps, little bars, and a tool for changing straps. No more searching for things!
  • Waterproof Suede: Even if it’s raining or water spills, your watches stay dry because the suede material is waterproof. Cool, right?


There aren’t any problems with this watch roll. It does what it’s supposed to do without any issues.

IV. Bennet Witch Watch Roll

bennet witch watch roll

Imagine a watch roll that’s not just the usual shape. The Bennett Witch Watch Roll rocks a super cool hexagon design that adds a fun twist to how you store your watches. 

When you open it up, you get a flat area to set up your watches before wearing them. Opening it up reveals a flat surface. It’s like laying out a special mat for your watches to get ready before they shine on your wrist.

Here’s a bonus: if you’re staying at a hotel, this watch roll fits into most safes. That means you can keep your watches cozy and secure while you’re out exploring. This makes them stand out among all the best watch rolls for travel.


  • Hexagon: The hexagon shape makes this watch roll stand out and adds a touch of style to your watch storage. The hexagon isn’t just about looks. It stops the roll from making a getaway if you accidentally drop it. No rolling chase scenes here!
  • Easy to Set Up Watches: With the flat surface, you can easily get your watches ready to wear without any hassle.
  • Safe Travel: It fits nicely into hotel safes, so you can travel with peace of mind knowing your watches are protected.


  • Size Might Be an Issue: But like all things, there’s a flip side. Some folks might find it a bit big to carry around, especially if you’re keeping things light.

So, if you’re a watch lover who wants to keep your timepieces safe and stylish on the go, the Bennett Witch Watch Roll is worth a peek. Just remember, its unique design and flat setup area make it a winner, but its size might give you pause if you’re aiming for ultra-portability.

V. Crown And Buckle’s Hilmar Roll

crown and buckle's hilmar roll

You’re the kind of person who likes having different watches for different days, right? Crown & Buckle’s OD Canvas watch roll is like a superhero for your watches among all the best watch rolls for travel.

It can hold up to six watches at once! Imagine that! It’s made from strong OD green-colored nylon outside, like a shield, and has a cozy tan inside. Plus, it closes up with a hook-and-loop thing. 


  • Loads of Watch Space: Got a bunch of watches? No worries! The Hilmar Roll can hold a bunch of them, keeping them cozy and secure.
  • Looks So Good: It’s not just practical, it’s a real looker! The mix of different textures and details is like a fashion party for your watches.
  • Tough but Light: This roll can take some knocks while being super light, so you won’t feel like you’re lugging around a brick.


  • Color Choices: It’s like the Hilmar Roll is a little picky about colors. So if you’re a big fan of variety, you might want more options.


So, those were some best watch rolls for travel we talked about! They’re like superhero homes for your watches when you’re on the go. Whether you’re into the cool Hilmar Roll or the tough OD Canvas one, they all have their special powers.

These watch rolls are like your watch’s best buddies, making sure they’re cozy and protected. So, if you’re planning to take your watches on a trip, you’ve got some awesome options to keep them safe and cool. 

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