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Best Orient Dive Watches: Delve Into Our Top 5 Picks

In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the best Orient dive watches, uncovering the precise timekeepers. The Orient dive watches are designed to rule in the harshest underwater conditions.

The Orient dive watches offer a perfect blend of form and function, combined with robustness and style.

So let’s explore the best Orient dive watches that redefine excellence.

The Top Orient Dive Watches: A Thorough Walkthrough

I. Orient Neptune

Unquestionably, one of the best Orient dive watches available is the Neptune. This watch is a real treasure that is prepared to go on adventures with you under the sea and add some flair to your regular activities.


Winding is no longer necessary; welcome to the miracle of automated movement! One of the top Orient dive watches.

Power Reserve: 40 Hours: This watch will support you during deep dives or protracted adventures thanks to its robust 40-hour power reserve. It’s similar to wearing a prepared diving buddy around your wrist!

200 m of water resistance allows you to dive deeper and confidently explore uncharted depths. 


  • Bold and robust: The Neptune’s tough construction guarantees that it can weather any sea antics, from snorkeling to daring scuba dives.
  • Sleek aesthetics: The Neptune smoothly transforms from casual sophistication to underwater elegance thanks to its sleek design, making it one of the best Orient dive watches.
  • Luminous Dial: Neptune’s luminous dial makes it simple to read in low light circumstances, so you can keep track of the time day or night.
  • Reliable Timekeeping: The Neptune, one of the greatest Orient dive watches, is powered by automatic movement, so you can rely on it for precise timekeeping without having to worry about making frequent changes.


  • Limited Power Reserve: The 40-hour power reserve is impressive, but it could need some extra caution during lengthy expeditions.

All in all, the Orient Neptune stands as a gem among dive watches, perfectly balancing style and functionality, making it one of the best Orient dive watches and an ideal companion for you

 II. Orient Ray II

orient ray II

Are you prepared for a unique underwater adventure? One of the best Orient dive watches available is the Orient Ray II, a watch that mixes tough charm with dependable performance.


Case: The Orient Ray II’s case is made of stainless steel and has a tough design that will withstand any dive or adventure you throw at it.

Strap: The stainless steel bracelet ensures a secure and comfortable fit on your wrist, even during the most adventurous dives. It also looks chic.

Dial: This watch’s alluring black or alluring blue dials enable you to dive in style while making a statement both on land and in the water.

Watch Crystal: The Ray II has a strong mineral crystal that offers great scratch resistance and guarantees a clean view of the dial.

Sword-shaped hands with lume and circular index markers with lume ensure easy reading in any illumination situation, including during your spectacular night dives.

Bezel: The unidirectional rotating diver bezel with 120 clicks adds a utilitarian touch and makes it simple and accurate to keep track of how long you’ve been diving.

The Orient Caliber F6922 automatic-self-wind movement, which provides precise timekeeping without the use of batteries, powers this clock.


  • Unidirectional bezel: A key element for every serious diver is the Ray II’s unidirectional bezel, which guarantees that you can time your dives properly and safely.
  • Water-Ready: This watch is always prepared to dive into action, no matter how deep you go, with a water resistance rating of up to 200 meters.
  • Dive in Style: The Ray II allows you to make a big statement, both underwater and on land, with its intriguing dials and lume-adorned hands and markings.


  • Although the mineral crystal is sturdy, some divers might prefer a watch with a sapphire crystal for even greater scratch resistance.

There you have it. The Orient Ray II is an amazing diving watch that seamlessly blends fashion and utility, making it one of the top choices among Orient watches.

III. Orient Nami

orient nami

If you want a robust, active dive watch that provides exceptional value, there is only one watch you need to take into consideration: The Orient Nami.

Due to its unique design and a variety of outstanding features, this timepiece distinguishes itself in the Orient line.


The case is designed to resist anything you can throw at it, the Orient Nami is a sturdy daily beater for any circumstance. 

The Nami is a genuine dive watch with a remarkable 200 meters (660 feet) of water resistance, making it suitable for swimming and diving expeditions without any problems.

The dial of the Orient Nami has a straightforward design and excellent visibility. The design features a gorgeous blue sunburst finish.


  • It has wide-applied rectangular hour markers and pencil-style hands that are all luminescent for better visibility.
  • As with many Orient watches, the Nami is fairly priced and offers excellent value for money, giving the wearer a sturdy and dependable timepiece without breaking the bank.
  • The automatic Orient caliber F6724 movement, which has manual-winding and hacking seconds features, drives the Nami
  •  Its movement is a workhorse designed to last, with a power reserve of 40 hours.


  • While the transparent bezel on the Nami adds aesthetic flair, it might be more prone to scratches than conventional aluminum inserts.

Instead of using sapphire crystal, the Nami’s dial is made of mineral crystal, which at this price point offers adequate durability and protection.

IV. Orient Mako II

orient mako II

The Orient Mako II is a watch that smoothly combines style, functionality, and that undeniable Orient charm.


Secure the Mako II to your wrist with its trusty clasp, ensuring a cozy fit for all your underwater escapades.

With a full-size case, the Mako II makes a bold statement on your wrist, earning you appreciative glances wherever you go.

Choose between a durable mineral crystal or upgrade to the premium sapphire crystal, which offers solid protection for your watch face against scratches and bumps.

Dive into the depths of fashion with either the mysterious black or the ocean-inspired blue dial, reflecting your adventurous spirit.


  • 40-Hour Power Reserve: With an impressive power reserve, the Mako II stays for the long haul, ready for spontaneous adventures.
  • Day Date Window: Stay ahead of your schedule with the convenient day-date window, a useful feature for both landlubbers and underwater explorers.
  • Hand Winding and Hacking Feature: The Mako II’s hand winding and hacking capacities let you fine-tune the timekeeping.
  • Water Resistance of 200m: Fearlessly dive into the depths as the Mako II owns a remarkable 200m water resistance, making it your ultimate diving buddy.


  • As much as we adore the Mako II, we wish it came with a ceramic bezel option, adding a touch of luxury to its already fantastic features.

V. Orient Kamasu

orient kamasu

It can be challenging to choose the “best diver” because there are so many possibilities available.

But here is the Orient Kamasu, a true contender for everyday use and faultless performance if you’re looking for a diving watch that’s more than just a desk diver.


The Orient Kamasu is an extraordinary timepiece due to its excellent craftsmanship, fine materials, pleasing size, and dial design that gives it vintage elegance. It is made of 316L stainless steel, which guarantees years of dependable use.


  • Fair pricing: The Kamasu offers fair value without the craze of limited editions or exaggerated scalper pricing because of its ongoing availability
  • Eye-Catching Dial: The stunning green dial exhibits a sunburst effect, sometimes exuding teal hues, making it a real show-stopper.


  • Limited Strap Options: The Kamasu’s distinctive dial and bezel coloring limit the strap options that truly complement its aesthetics.


So, these were the best Orient dive watches, which shows the brand’s commitment to excellence and style in these timekeepers. From Orient Neptune to Orient Mako II, these watches are your absolute companions, whether you are a seasoned diver or just someone who loves collecting stylish timepieces.

So let an Orient dive watch be your trusted timekeeper through every dive.

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