What is a NATO Watch Strap? How To Choose Them

Whether you have just bought a NATO strap or are about to buy it. This comprehensive guide is for you to elevate your style game.

NATO watch straps are not only stylish but also offer supreme comfort, quick interchangeability, and a dash of coolness.

Continue reading to explore NATO straps in detail and uncover the secrets to styling them properly.

What is NATO Watch Strap?

NATO watch straps are special bands made for wristwatches. These straps are usually crafted from strong woven nylon or fabric, and they come in lots of different colors and patterns to match your style. 

If you’re wondering what makes them unique, it’s their one-piece design that goes under your watch and is secure with multiple loops to make your watch extra secure and comfortable on your wrist.

These straps are known for being comfy, versatile, and easy to change. You can have NATO watch straps in different designs, with colors to watch a fresh look anytime and match it with your outfit.

How To Choose NATO Strap For You? A Comprehensive Guide

Selecting the perfect NATO strap hinges on three pivotal elements: the strap, buckle, and keepers. 

Together, these components dictate the durability and security of your NATO strap.

Let’s dive in to understand better.


Nylon Strap Thickness: When you’re picking a NATO strap the first thing you need to check how thick the nylon strap is. The thicker it is, the better. A thicker NATO strap gives your watch extra support and helps it to stay in place even if you’re indulging in active things.

Nylon Weaving Type: NATO straps can come in different weaving styles. Some weaves are tougher than others. Look for straps with a strong weaving style, like the Herringbone weave. This weave is known for being sturdy and can handle water without a problem.

Nylon Strap Length: NATO straps come in various lengths, usually between 230-280 mm. It’s a good idea to go for a longer strap because it allows you to wear it in a cool way called the ‘double-loop’ style. This not only looks stylish but also keeps your watch super secure on your wrist.

NATO Strap Width: These straps are available in different widths. Make sure the NATO strap you choose has the right width. If you can’t decide the width, we recommend going for a 20mm NATO Strap which is not only popular but also fits effortlessly with many different watch cases.

The Buckle:

Buckle Quality: Pay attention to the buckle quality. A poorly constructed buckle can lead to detachment from the nylon band which can put your expensive wristwatch at risk. Make sure to choose heavy-duty buckles that are built to withstand physical activity.

Buckle Material: To ensure the buckelt quality always opt for a buckle made of high-quality stainless steel, such as 304L which is renowned for its rust resistance and corrosion resilience, ensuring longevity and durability.

The Keepers

Keeper Material: Many buyers often overlook checking keeper material which plays a vital role in your NATO strap’s durability. Always use stainless steel keepers, preferably 304L or better, to ensure they withstand environmental elements and retain their integrity.

Keeper Strength: High-quality keepers should be robust and thick, capable of securely holding the watch tail during rigorous activities.


NATO watch straps offer versatility and style, and selecting the perfect one requires attention to factors like thickness, weaving type, length, and width.

The right NATO strap enhances your watch’s appearance and performance and allows you to stand out in style and confidence, ready for any adventure that comes your way.

By carefully considering these factors, you can buy NATO straps that not only complement your style but also ensure durability for the long haul.