why you should buy solar powered watches

Why You Should Buy a Solar Powered Watch & Best Options

There are many different ways to power a watch. There is the classic wind-up mechanical movement that has been powering watches and clocks for centuries now. Then, there is the more modern quartz movement which uses a battery to power the watch. Ever since they were introduced by Seiko in 1969, quartz watches have taken the industry by storm. The vast majority of watches nowadays use batteries for their power source. 

Reasons To Buy a Solar Powered Watch

Their popularity comes from their affordability and convenience. With fewer working parts, there are less things to break too. Traditional quartz watches have just one flaw, though. That battery. The battery on a regular quartz watch will need to be replaced about every 3-5 years. It’s not expensive, just a minor inconvenience. This is where solar powered watches come into play. 

Solar powered watches power their battery using the sun, as you may have guessed. They absorb sunlight through the watch dial and convert it into energy that the watch uses to power itself. This makes solar powered watches the king when it comes to convenience. There is no need for battery replacements or servicing as with quartz or mechanical watches. As long as you wear the watch outside every now and then, it will keep on ticking and serving your wrist well for decades. 

This hassle-free ownership experience is what has made solar powered watches rise in popularity over the years. A one-time purchase can turn into a lifetime of carefree enjoyment. Now that you know why you should buy a solar powered watch, let’s dive into some of the best options out there on the market today. 

3 Best Solar Powered Watch You Should Go For

1) Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster 

You can’t talk about solar powered watches without discussing best citizen watches . Citizen’s Eco-Drive line was a true game changer in the watch world. They were the first brand to really make this technology popular and readily available to the masses. That trend continues today, as Citizen still offers many Eco-Drive models for you to buy. There’s almost too many to choose from since they’re all so good, but we have narrowed it down for you. 

The great thing about Citizen’s innovative Eco-Drive technology is that it can run on any light source, even artificial light. Sunlight is still more effective at charging the watch up, but indoor lights will do too. So if you wear your watch inside the home or office most of the time, no need to worry with Eco-Drive.

The first Eco-Drive we have chosen is the Promaster Dive (ref. #BN0151-09L). This is an impressive dive watch for a very reasonable price. It has a 200m water resistance rating, making it a seriously capable dive watch. It has a unidirectional rotating bezel for timing dives underwater. This model we have shown comes fitted with a polyurethane strap, although similar models are available with a stainless steel bracelet. 

The blue on this model is deep and beautiful, fitting for a dive watch. The crown and date display are offset at 4 instead of 3, making it more comfortable to wear. With large, luminous hands, this watch is easy to read on land or in water. The case size is 44mm, so definitely on the larger side. It is perfect for men with large wrists. All in all, this watch offers impressive value, backed by the reliability of Citizen Eco-Drive. 

2) Citizen Eco-Drive Corso

Citizen’s Eco-Drive is too legendary and vast to limit ourselves to just one place on our list. The last version was a sporty dive watch, so we went with something simpler and classier for this one. Sadly, Citizen has discontinued many of the more affordable Corso models, but there are still some good ones. This Corso (ref. #BM7330-59L) features a simple and timeless design. It is perfect to wear for both casual occasions as well as formal ones that require a suit. 

The dial is a deep and dark blue. The stainless steel bracelet is sophisticated and refined. At a 40mm case width, this watch is perfectly sized for most wrist types. This can make for a great dress watch when the situation calls for it. Sometimes, simple designs are the best designs. Don’t expect this style of watch to ever go out of fashion. 

3) Casio G-Shock GAB2100

Next up, we have the Casio G-Shock GAB2100, nicknamed the Casioak by enthusiasts for its resemblance to the much pricier AP Royal Oak. This watch is offered as a solar powered version, and it is probably the better version to go with. G-Shock watches are extremely tough and durable, meaning you don’t have to worry so much about knocks and drops. They can survive super tough conditions. 

In addition to the solar power, Casio has fitted this model with smartphone connectivity. This will make your watch ultra accurate without you ever needing to adjust the time. It will do so automatically through the Casio app and the connection with your phone. This also means that it will auto adjust when you travel to a different time zone. 

The small digital display allows you to use the many features, like the stopwatch, timer, and alarms. Furthermore, this watch will run for several months after a full charge even with no extra light exposure. Just a little bit of sunlight goes a long way. All of these features are in a large case, and this watch somehow only weighs 52 grams! This makes it a comfortable daily wear. This Casio G-Shock is a true, hassle-free steal at its price of $150.


Solar powered watches are perfect for watch enthusiasts/collectors and casual wearers alike. You just can’t get a watch that is easier to own than a solar powered one. They are typically slightly more expensive than traditional quartz watches, but you need to think long-term. Although battery replacements are fairly cheap, they do still cost money and time. A solar powered watch will not need any parts replaced for a long, long time. There is no nuisance associated with opening up the watch whatsoever. 

Not only that, solar powered watches are just plain cool. You reduce waste by not needing to throw out batteries, helping the environment. And you get to look good doing it. Solar powered watches are still not as popular as traditional quartz watches. Our hope is to slowly get more people to adopt this beautiful movement. There are so many great options out there in addition to the Citizens and the Casio we showed, so go out and search for the one that you like.