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Meet The World’s Smallest Digital Watch & Its Creator

Ever heard of watches that are designed not for your wrist, but for your action figures?

No, this isn’t some mad hatter’s fantasy.

Meet Robbie Jones, the wizard of watchmaking who’s shrinking the world of timepieces into something quite unexpected and delightfully bizarre.

So, let’s dive into the journey of Robbie Jones of creating the world’s smallest watches.

Chapter 1: The Inception of a Tiny Revolution

Robbie Jones, the man behind the cult Instagram account “Tiny Ass Props,” gives a new meaning to the phrase “small is beautiful.” He crafts micro-watches, not for humans, but for action figures.

It all started about a decade ago. Jones, an ardent collector of figurines, felt an unmet need in the market.

He observed the painstaking detail that went into the sculpting and creation of figurines but found a gaping hole – no one was making detailed, character-appropriate watches.

Robbie Jones creating tiny wach

In a world obsessed with precision, this seemed like a missed opportunity. So, he decided to fill this void with his talent for building.

Chapter 2: A Journey Down The Memory Lane

As a kid growing up in the 80s, Jones was fascinated with G.I. Joes.

This fascination led him into the realm of doll collecting and later into the custom market, where unlicensed creations were the rage.

He noticed the elaborate costumes, the impeccable sculpts, but something was still missing.

The watches, an accessory often overlooked, were poorly designed. Jones, with an MFA in theater design and a knack for building, decided to give it a shot.

He embarked on a mission to perfect the tiny world of watches, kickstarted by none other than the famous Tag Heuer Monaco from “Breaking Bad.”

Chapter 3: Tiny Perfection in Making

Jones’ miniature watch-making process mirrors the same that goes into making a full-sized watch.

It begins with a 3D model and Photoshop for dial specifics. 

From there, it transitions into a jewelry casting house in New York, where the model is printed in lost wax – a process involving pouring metal into a mold via a wax model.

Jones’ material of choice is usually white brass, which closely matches the hue of stainless steel. If it’s a gold watch, then brass is his go-to option.

What follows is a labor of love – an obsessive-compulsive endeavor to polish the tiny components, ensuring they are as smooth and perfect as their life-size counterparts.

Chapter 4: A Whole New World of Opportunities

Jones’ tiny watches have found a market. Sometimes they’re the perfect accessory for a pre-ordered figurine, other times they’re standalone pieces of art bought by individual collectors.

His miniature Patek Philippe Nautilus, initially created as a fun experiment, suddenly caught the attention of a watch enthusiast on Instagram. 

Jones was flooded with requests for the Patek Nautilus ring, highlighting a market he had not considered.

Chapter 5: A Personal Touch

Despite creating tiny replicas of luxury watches, Jones sports a simple Tissot 1853. 

It’s a reminder of his humble beginnings, his passion for watches, and a testament to his belief that the beauty of a watch doesn’t lie in its size, but in its intricacies, details, and craftsmanship.

Robbie Jones is proof that size does not define greatness.

His work in the world of tiny watches is a celebration of the possible, a testament to craftsmanship and innovation. 

It’s not just about shrinking a timepiece. It’s about encapsulating the beauty, precision, and essence of a watch into a tiny, magnificent work of art.

Just like Jones’ tiny watches, we need to remember that it’s the tiny moments that construct our lives’ vast expanse, making them worthwhile. It’s the small details, the miniature wins, the minor yet significant steps forward, that lead to grand victories.

Chapter 6: Pushing the Envelope

His latest creation, the Casio Calculator watch, shows Jones isn’t done pushing boundaries.

A tiny timepiece originally made for a quarter-scale figure, it’s designed with iconic characters in mind, like Walter White from “Breaking Bad” and Heath Ledger’s Joker from “The Dark Knight.”

It’s this attention to the finest details, linking these watches to larger narratives, that sets Jones’ work apart.

As he continues to explore new terrains, Jones dreams of micromachining his miniature watch cases, adding another layer of realism to his tiny creations.

This relentless pursuit of perfection and dedication to craftmanship make Jones an inspiring figure.

Chapter 7: More Than Just Tiny Watches

Jones is not just a craftsman making tiny watches.

He’s a storyteller, connecting his miniature creations to larger-than-life narratives.

Each watch he crafts tells a tale, whether it’s Walter White’s transformation or the Joker’s chaos.

His work is a tribute to the worlds these figures belong to, adding a tangible touch to our imaginations.


Robbie Jones is a perfect example of how thinking differently can lead to incredible outcomes. He dared to see an opportunity where others didn’t, and he crafted an entire world around it.

His passion for detail, commitment to quality, and love for storytelling are embodied in each tiny watch he creates.

Jones has given us a refreshing perspective: sometimes, the smallest things can have the most significant impact.

His creations serve as a reminder that no detail is too small, no element insignificant.

And it’s in this spirit that we should approach our lives, cherishing the small joys and celebrating the tiny victories. After all, as Jones shows us, great things often come in small packages.